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Small online Tools

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Test Your Knowledge of Series
A simple question and answer game about series, in which you test your knowledge of Turkish series.
Expectations for upcoming episodes
A tool that predicts the events of the upcoming episodes of your series.
Generator of character names
A simple tool that allows you to create new names for the characters of your favorite series.
Generator of end expectations in series
A tool that allows you to predict how the story will end in your favorite series.
Turkish Series Name Suggestion
A tool suggests the names of Turkish series according to the category you like.
Adapter quotes from series
A tool that allows you to turn the text of the scenes of your favorite series into quotes ready to be shared on social media.
Scene Text Analyzer tool This tool gives you analysis of most of the scenes you want
Emoji Generator Series Tool This tool gives you emoji according to the description you type
Series character analysis tool This tool enables you to know the details of the character through the description of the character